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The Sweetest Clean, is a Bonded and Insured,  family owned and operated business. The Sweetest Clean Services much of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties in Michigan. We specialize in custom residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. We offer proven and professional cleaning services tailored to your residential cleaning or commercial cleaning needs.  We pride ourselves on our dedication, reliability, hard work, punctuality and keenness to provide a great cleaning operation. We provide consistent services that are high quality every time at an affordable price.

Our cleaning services include all supplies and equipment for your cleaning needs. We provide products for all surfaces and flooring; including granite, marble, tile, ceramic, hardwood and others.

Clients that request special products be used are purchased by The Sweetest Clean at no additional charge to our clients.

We use HEPA filtered vacuums that help control and capture dust and bacteria. We can when requested ensure use of GREEN products.

We invite you to contact us at (586) 848-2260 to ask us about your FREE consultation session.

Bonded by,  Western Surety Co.  and  Insured by, Conifer Insurance Co.

Payments Accepted:  Check and Cash